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The Illinois Wrongful Death Act allows the families of persons killed by the negligence of another to bring a lawsuit to recover compensation. It specifically allows the family members to recover not only for any lost financial benefits that would have been received from the deceased family member, but also for the loss of love, affection, care, companionship and guidance. The law also allows recovery for grief.

These cases come with unique challenges that will not arise in personal injury cases. For example, juries can have a very difficult time attempting to determine the value of lost love and grief. Some families and spouses are closer than others. To maximize the damages awardable to the loved ones left behind, the family's lawyer must know all details of the family relationship, both financially and otherwise, to allow the lawyer to paint a complete and thorough portrait of how the loss of the loved one has tragically affected the rest of the family in very real, specific ways. This, in turn, requires the family to have great trust in its lawyer to share the details of the family relationship and to know that the lawyer will handle those details in a responsible, respectful and competent manner.

The Chicago wrongful death attorneys at Friedman Law Offices, P.C., have recovered millions of dollars for their clients in these cases, including through jury verdicts. We put our clients at ease and allow them to open their family's lives to us because we sincerely respect them and care about their loss. We have families of our own. Our sincerity and care is reflected in the testimonials we have received from our clients over the years.

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