What About My Medical Bills and Needs While My Suit Is Pending?

Some people who are injured by someone else’s negligence have health insurance to pay for their medical bills while the suit is pending. Others do not or are covered by very limited insurance offered by the state through exchanges. The attorneys at Friedman Law Offices, P.C. will handle the important but different needs of clients with and without traditional health insurance.

For those with traditional health insurance benefits, most health care providers will submit their medical bills for payment by your insurance even though a lawsuit is pending relating to your personal injuries. Where the claims are submitted to health insurance and paid, most health insurers possess a right of reimbursement or the right to be repaid the monies they paid for your medical costs from any third-party that is liable to you and pays you for your claim via settlement or verdict. We will work with your health insurance company and negotiate with them to reduce the amount they will accept from any settlement or verdict in satisfaction of their reimbursement right. And we will make sure you are not pestered by the insurance company during the course of the lawsuit.

For those without traditional insurance, bills from hospitals and doctors can pile up. We will contact your providers for you and seek to negotiate with them reduced payments for bills through settlement proceeds. This is usually successful and stops the disturbing collection notice process while your case is pending. In addition, where the uninsured client is unable to find a specialist doctor willing to care for him or her without insurance, we are quite successful in finding medical providers through our network of contacts who will agree to be paid for their medical services in the future from any settlement or verdict monies obtained.

Let the Chicago Injury Attorneys at Friedman Law Offices, P.C. work for you to address your medical needs and medical bills resulting from an injury caused by someone else’s negligence and eliminate the stress caused by debt collectors seeking payment from you at your most vulnerable time: after a serious injury.

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