"Dear Matt: You've been phenomenal to work with-intelligent, communicative, and honorable, not to mention kind."

"Dear Matt: I just wanted to drop you a note to personally thank you for all of your hard work and most importantly for taking the time to know me. It was apparent to me today that I was not just a claim number to you, that behind all the volumes of paper there was a person who had been greatly impacted by and injured that day...When we met in person four years ago you were one of four lawyers I and my family interviewed to handle my liability case. After spending time in person once more with you on Monday evening and today my confidence in that choice was renewed. Your personal appearance, court room composure and respectful manner shined through to me today."

"Dear Matthew: Thank you for your help and legal advice during the difficult period of my pregnancy. I appreciate your promptness and expertise every time I called your office with a question or concern."

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