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Spinal injuries can be caused by automobile accidents, medical negligence, slip-and-fall accidents or virtually any other type of accident. Injuries to the spine can include whiplash, sprains, compression fractures, herniated or bulging disks, and paralysis. Insurance companies and their lawyers usually fight paying on these personal injury claims. They often argue that these injuries were pre-existing, they were not caused by the accident or that they are not as serious as the victim is claiming. Spinal injury claims involve very complex medical issues.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a spinal injury, it is critical that you contact the Chicago spinal cord injury attorneys at Friedman Law Offices, P.C., to make certain that your rights are protected and you have the opportunity to get all the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers have recovered settlements or verdicts totaling hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. We also represent people with smaller claims. Recently, we won a verdict of $3,530,000 for a client who suffered a spinal injury due to a doctor failing to diagnose a post-operative infection. Also, we recently recovered $950,000 for a person who was struck by a truck and suffered a herniated disk and required a cervical fusion. In another case, we recovered $600,000 for a person who also required a cervical fusion after a slab of granite fell on him at work.

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