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Most people have heard the term "slip-and-fall accident." Premises liability law refers to any case, including slip-and-fall cases, where a condition on someone's property has made the property unreasonably dangerous and has resulted in a personal injury to a person visiting the premises. Unreasonably dangerous conditions can include foreign objects on the floor, defects or cracks in the flooring materials or dangerous objects or equipment on the premises.

Premises cases are challenging because the injured party usually must prove that the owner or manager of the property knew or should have known of the unreasonably dangerous condition and had time to correct it before the injury occurred, but failed to do so.

Examples of cases the Chicago premises liability attorneys at Friedman Law Offices, P.C., have taken on include:

  • A man suffered serious knee injuries resulting from falling into a deep hole in the parkway in front of his home, which was caused by utilities and contractors installing a gas pipe under the parkway and then failing to compact the soil properly before placing sod over the parkway.
  • A bank customer suffered debilitating injuries when his bank informed him that he could use a night deposit box on the outside wall of the bank to make a "walk-up" deposit, but failed to advise the customer that cars using the bank's drive-up facilities drove directly toward users of the deposit box, resulting in the man being hit by a car while his back was turned away from the car to make a deposit.
  • Elderly residents of nursing homes or retirement facilities were injured by poorly lit or poorly maintained grounds.
  • Residents of Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) units and private apartments were injured when rotted stairs collapsed.

Our lawyers are prepared to handle any case in which the property owner's negligence or misconduct may have led to an injury.

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