Mission Statement

The rights of individual citizens in our society, including in Illinois, are being attacked by corporate, insurance and other special interest groups, in conjunction with government power, at a rate not seen since the early part of the twentieth century. Rights which have been taken for granted in this country-such as the right to vested corporate pension benefits, bankruptcy and other protections from creditors, and (perhaps most important of all) the fundamental right of citizens to file suit in court to address grievances against insurance companies, professionals, and corporations-have been rolled back at an alarming rate. At Friedman Law Offices, P.C., we devote all of our energy to protecting the rights of the ordinary citizen and small business owner against the vast resources of the corporate and special interests seeking to further erode those rights at every turn.

Corporations and insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year hiring attorneys, both in court and in the halls of Congress and Springfield, seeking to protect their profits at the expense of the average consumer. These corporate attorneys are paid, not to compromise or to consider the interests of the consumer or the country as a whole, but to protect the corporations' bottom line. In short, these attorneys are "hired guns" who do the bidding for the corporation, regardless of the personal feelings the attorney may have about the position the corporation is taking.

At Friedman Law Offices, P.C., we are not on the payroll of any corporation, insurance company, governmental entity, or anyone else. We are consumer advocates who are paid through contingency agreements (we receive a percentage from any favorable settlement or jury verdict) or a reasonable hourly fee from our consumer clients. Consequently, we take on only those cases we believe in as lawyers and as fellow consumers and parents vulnerable to the same corporate abuses as our clients. It is precisely because we possess the intellectual and financial freedom to accept only those cases we believe in that corporate interests constantly seek to malign us and other consumer advocates as "ambulance chasers." These interests crudely but effectively argue that it is perfectly acceptable for them to pay millions of dollars to lawyers and lobbyists to stamp out completely the rights of citizens to file lawsuits against them, while they simultaneously argue that it is an abuse for the average citizen to hire consumer rights attorneys to fight back against corporate greed when pension benefits are squandered or when insurance benefits are unfairly denied, or against incompetence, such as when a doctor or other professional commits malpractice. On the contrary, individuals standing up for their rights with the assistance of consumer attorneys is not an abuse; it is the only thing that can assure fairness in our democratic system.

In fact, corporate interests understand well that it is in their financial interest to attack us because we are the only entities remaining in the system --the government legislatures in recent years have often shirked their responsibility as a result of corporate lobbying-protecting the rights of the "little guy," the real individuals and small business owners in our society. If you have any doubt about this fact, we invite you to review our medical malpractice practice area, which contains citations to original studies reflecting concerted efforts by both corporate and governmental groups to distort the truth in order to stamp out the rights of citizens in Illinois to recover in court full compensation for their injuries.

At Friedman Law Offices, P.C., we are not beholden to anyone. We will do what is right and we will represent you with the tenacity that only competence, conviction, and independence can bring. This we promise.

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