Does a Lawsuit Mean I’m Going To Trial?

There is an old saying, “the best defense is a good offense. “ The saying is particularly applicable to lawsuits. The goal of a good personal injury lawyer should never be to try the case; the goal should be to reach a favorable resolution for the client as quickly as possible with as little risk as possible. However, insurance companies representing defendants usually are not willing to offer reasonable settlements early in the case unless they believe they are at risk of a bad result at trial. And they will believe they are at risk at trial only if they know the attorney representing the victim is a quality trial lawyer who knows how to try a case and who has the courage to risk putting the fate of the case to a vote by a jury. In other words, to avoid a trial, one must always be ready to go to trial.

While 80-90% of cases are settled without a trial, the Chicago Injury Attorneys of Friedman Law Offices, P.C. never focus on this fact while preparing a case. We prepare all cases involving significant injuries as though they are going to trial. We take the necessary sworn depositions, obtain the physical evidence, hire the experts, and prepare the trial exhibits. By actually preparing, rather than blustering or pretending, we are usually able to obtain better settlements than would otherwise be obtained. And if the insurance company makes an unreasonable, “low ball” offer, we are ready to try the case. (Often, cases will settle on the eve of trial if the victim’s attorney is prepared for trial.) We have tried dozens of cases and have obtained multi-million dollar verdicts. We have obtained even more seven-figure settlements due to the existence of the seven-figure verdicts.

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