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Construction work is inherently dangerous. When workers suffer injuries due to the carelessness of another, they are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries.

Illinois laws dealing with injuries on construction sites are extremely complex and ever changing. Whether the claim is against the injured person's employer (a claim under the Illinois workers' compensation laws) or against someone other than, or in addition to, the employer (for example, a personal injury claim against a contractor, subcontractor or owner of the premises), the Chicago construction injury attorneys at Friedman Law Offices, P.C., can help. We are skilled in navigating these changing trends in the law in order to best represent the injured worker.

Careful investigation is essential to determine what specific negligent acts caused the injuries, who performed those acts and who had control over the details of the work. Often, more than one party may be responsible, making these claims even more complicated.

These cases are always hard fought by the defendants, which can include construction contractors and subcontractors, owners, architects and engineers. Our lawyers have the experience and drive necessary to win this fight. Of our many victories, we settled a claim for $1 million against contractors on behalf of a worker injured while lowering a chimney. We have even taken on cities, utilities and utility subcontractors where homeowners have been injured as a result of utility projects in their neighborhood.

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